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Online sportsbooks live and die by their ability to pick championship teams. Plenty of websites claim to offer the best information on the upcoming NFL season, but the bookies are your best bet for finding out who is the pick of the bunch.

NFL picks and predictions are an exciting way for punters to enjoy the football during the off-season. Online sportsbooks provide sports fans with the opportunity to bet on any number of NFL options and, with so many futures on offer, it's no surprise that they are some of the most popular wagers available.

In addition to off-season futures, online sportsbooks provide punters with weekly odds on every NFL fixture. Football fans can enjoy a range of bets, from the money line to the point spread, and sometimes even novelties; it all depends on which bookie you choose to wager at.

The 2012 NFL schedule kicks off on Wednesday, September 5 when the reigning Super Bowl champions, the New Orleans Saints, take on the Minnesota Vikings. Online sportsbooks like Betway Sports already have Week 1 Lines available, but one of the most interesting bet for punters who are looking for NFL picks is the Super Bowl XLV future. BetUS employs the finest betting experts to determine each team's chances of reaching (and ultimately winning) the Super Bowl.

Perhaps surprisingly, the New Orleans Saints are not favorites to win the Super Bowl XLV. Instead, the Indianapolis Colts hold a slight lead on both the Saints and San Diego Chargers in terms of BetUS's pick for the next NFL champions.

Indianapolis Colts: +800
New Orleans Saints: +900
San Diego Chargers: +900
Dallas Cowboys: +1000
New England Patriots: +1200
Minnesota Vikings: +1200
New York Jets: +1200
Green Bay Packers: +1400

While these odds are indicative of the sort of squad each team boasts in the preseason, those with an eye for big bets could make plenty of money if they correctly choose an underdog to win the Super Bowl. For example, at the moment you can pick up odds of +20000 on the St Louis Rams, or +15000 on the 2003 Super Bowl-winning Tampa Bay Buccaneers to win.

Other exciting futures include options such as Rookie of the Year, Divisional Forecast, Regular Season MVP, and much more. Perhaps the most popular for punters though is the NFL: Divisions future, which allows football bettors the chance to take advantage of some excellent odds on who will win each division. With the Dallas Cowboys sitting on odds of +125 to win the NFC East division, it's no wonder punters thrive on such betting options.

But it's not just the NFL that online sportsbooks offer exceptional picks on. Fans of college football are able to enjoy plenty of NCAA bets during the regular season, playoffs, and even the off-season.

For more information on standard NFL and NCAA betting, take a look at our detailed football betting page here.

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