The Best Bonuses in Fantasy Sports

The Best Bonuses in Fantasy Sports

With the world of daily fantasy sports betting growing increasingly competitive as more and more new sites have entered the market, one of the biggest factors that can now influence where a new player calls home is the range of bonuses offered by their prospective operator. Indeed, with the scramble for new sign-ups growing more intense with every passing month, sites offering the industry’s top fantasy sports bonuses and best promotions can often gain a handy advantage over the competition and even pinch players from a rival if their offers are good enough.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at what kind of fantasy bonuses are typically on offer at some of the industry-leading online betting sites and how they can be unlocked to boost your online gambling bankroll. The fantasy sports betting sites that we feature on our site are known for their great reputations. Perhaps one of the best sites around for fantasy sports betting is FanDuel and it offers users great variety in options of betting, top bonuses and lots of options to deposit and withdraw.

In fact, every online gambling site featured here offers:

What Kind Of Bonuses Are Out There?

Bonus tickets are waiting for you

For the most part, bonuses offered by daily fantasy sports betting sites come in three main forms: first time depositors’ offers, reload bonuses and tournament ticket promotions. While all three offers play a key role in customer retention, the fact that the bonus you get on your first deposit tends to be a major factor in choosing a site means this is where the best promotions are focused.

Typically, a fantasy sports operator will offer a 100% match bonus on first deposits of anywhere between $100 and $1,000, meaning you can effectively double your starting stake on a site if you play regularly enough. Though they work in much the same way, reload bonuses tend to be substantially smaller and are offered periodically in order to tempt players to top up their bankroll.

Tournament ticket promotions, meanwhile, can come in many shapes and forms. Some sites throw in a few free entries whenever you make a transaction, while others will occasionally credit your account with tickets automatically when they’re looking to launch a new sport or tournament type.

How Do I Unlock My Deposit Bonus?

Unlock your deposits

In the case of any deposit match promotions (be they first time or reload offers) a player’s online gambling bonus cash will be held in a separate account that requires clearing through continued play. Funds from this bonus account will be released periodically once certain criteria have been met, with players usually being given a certain amount of time to complete all requirements and unlock the full sum.

In the case of both FanDuel, which offers a 100% first deposit match up to $200, and DraftKings, which ups this amount to $600 but adds a four-month time limit for clearing pending bonuses, extra cash is released in increments of 4%. What this means in practice is that when a player has paid 4% of their initial deposit in rake on a site, they will receive that money back from their bonus account.

While DraftKings uses a Frequent Player Points (FPP) system whereby players earn 100 FPPs for every $1 they pay in rake, as the money is still only unlocked each time 4% of the initial deposit has been raked, the two offers basically clear at the same rate. Naturally, in both cases these promotions give customers something to work towards, while at the same time rewarding them for their efforts.

Are There Any Restrictions On My Bonuses?

Be careful with restrictions

Although the manner in which first time and reload bonuses are unlocked at online gambling fantasy sports betting sites is largely the same across all online gambling operators, when it comes to the restrictions placed on the extra cash that you’ve earned, you need to be a bit careful as different sites have different policies.

While some will happily credit your account with real money, others will instead match your deposit with site currency (DraftKings Dollars etc.) which can only be used on that particular operator and cannot be withdrawn to your bank account. As such, it is vitally important that you thoroughly read up on your chosen site’s terms and conditions before committing to any long-term deposit bonus.

Similarly, the 4% clearing rate mentioned above for FanDuel and DraftKings is specific only to these two sites and may not reflect the industry as a whole, with some operators releasing bonus cash as and when it has been raked and others holding out for a larger percentage to have been cleared.

Shop Around

As you can see, wherever you chose to play daily fantasy sports, you’ll find a range of bonus offers available to help you make your online gambling experience more enjoyable. Which offers will work best for you depends largely on what you want to get from playing daily fantasy sports, but in any case you should always read up on the requirements and restrictions that are placed on any top promotions. Thankfully here at, we’ve already reviewed and rated the best daily fantasy sports betting sites and their bonuses to help you find the right fully-regulated site for you.

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